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The chair was originally developed and built for the studios of Austral office, where the architects Bonet, Kurchan, Ferrari-Hardoy (1913-1975) worked .Therefor it is also known as the "B.K.F. Chair" in America, named after the above employees.

Grupo Austral introduced their new chair of leather and enameled steel at the 3rd Salon de Artistas Decoradores interior design exhibition in Buenos Aires in 1940. On the occasion of the Salon, the group sent a note to the organizers indicating that the chair was the sole work of Ferrari-Hardoy. Hence it is most commonly referenced in design circles as the Hardoy chair, but it is also known as the Butterfly chair and the BKR chair.

The chair received two design prizes at its introduction. In 1941 the chair was awarded the Acquisition Prize by the Musuem of Modern Art, after Edgar Kaufmann Jr. bought the chair to MoMA's attention.

Knoll acquired US production rights of the Hardoy chair in 1947, brining international notice and commercial success to the design. A rash of inferior copies prompted legal action by Knoll in 1950. After losing thier claim of copyright infringement, Knoll dropped the chair from its line in 1951. More than five million copies of the chair were estimated to have been produced by numerous manufacturers during the 1950s alone.

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